Prototype Creation

Working on a game in an abstract setting is very good in the early stages of game design. However, the very nature of the medium requires that sooner or later we have a tangible experience of the game, through the construction of a physical prototype. In this case it is important to take care in choosing the right components (cardboard, plastic, cards, dice) to best reflect the gaming experience.

Furthermore, having well-printed components allows you to overcome those user interface barriers that slow down the gameplay unnecessarily and sometimes disrupt the game during playtesting.

Our studio has a series of digital and typographic machines at its disposal that can help you to create your prototype at its best. We can carve tokens, apply stickers, build rigid boards, print decks of cards and much more.
Finally, during the construction process we will advise you on the most common formats for cards and tokens, so that customers can easily store or organize them in the way they prefer.

Digital prototypes

The pandemic and smart-working have increased the use of digital platforms for simulating board games, and because of this it is now very important to be familiar with platforms such as Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator, thus saving a lot of time and money.

These platforms allow you to do many game design iterations without having to reconstruct the physical prototype, and make it possible to implement customized autonomous or dynamic systems. It is also possible to create digital versions of the completed game, thus expanding the audience to gamers or those who cannot afford to purchase as many physical games as they would like. In this way, the digital prototype is transformed into a marketing tool, provided that it is visually attractive.

Our studio is familiar with these systems and can help you create your digital prototype, as well as “furnish” the digital game environment, by creating backgrounds, lighting and other decorative elements, to better immerse the user in the game world.

Contact us for a quote, or even just to have a chat and tell us about your project!