bring death into eternity



GENRE: sci-fi original setting game

TYPE: Co-op, mission based

PLAYING TIME: 30-60 min

Solace is a 1-5 co-op sci-fi game set in a world of immortals in which players are agents of a futuristic SWAT (called FTO).

Players have to accomplish increasingly dangerous missions that could change the balance of the world.

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Special Features

Special Features

Can you be death in a world of immortals?

Mission cutscenes like a Visual Novel

Solace has a mission book, useful not only for mission setup, but also for showing amazing cutscenes between the characters.

Solace has an anime style that refers to visual novel games and jrpgs. 

Welcome to Eternity

It is the future. The arctic ice cap has shrunk by more than 50%, bringing to light portions of land that have not seen the sun for hundreds of thousands of years. In one of these areas, an ancient meteorite containing an unknown liquid metal, similar to mercury, is found.

The metal turns out to be a “soup” of nanomachines of some kind, capable of reacting in remarkable ways with any biological species. In fact, every organism that comes into contact with the nanomachines is modified at cellular level, integrating the nanomachines into its organs and tissues, and becoming rejuvenated.

Beautiful disease

This mechanization not only makes you young and completely immune to disease, but also almost immortal, due to its regenerative capabilities. Soon called Eternity, this is a new stage in the evolution of the human species.

However, it is not risk free, as 8 out of every 100 infected people develop mutations. These mutations lead to the creation of growths of flesh and metal on the body of the unfortunate victim, who is often left horribly deformed.

The apocalypse of immortality

Twenty years after the arrival of Eternity, the world as we know it today no longer exists. 99% of the global population is now immortal. Indeed, with almost no one dying of old age any more, there has been an exponential increase in the population, creating an urgent need for social measures to control the number of the Earth’s inhabitants.

States enact special value-based laws. Everyone is given one hundred years to live. Should they exceed this limit, they have to pay a price based on their worth (on how much they deserve to continue living).

The Solace of Death

Protests soon erupt, but the world’s military forces are already ready to quell them. Meanwhile, studies on Eternity continue to be conducted, including one on selected people, believed to have the unique ability to consciously control the Eternity machines in their bodies.

Used as soldiers, these individuals are secretly trained to become war machines, required to carry out tasks that are impossible for normal special teams. They form special teams called FTOs: Forced Termination Units.

You are part of such a team and it is your duty to hunt down and kill all those who have lived their allotted time and not paid to live longer, as demanded by the law on personal worth.

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