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Every artistic form only finds its splendor if there is someone to observe it; if there is an audience. In the case of a board game, this audience will be the players who interact with it, hold it in their hands and enjoy its mechanics and illustrations.

The tabletop games market is complex, and has seen a lot of growth in recent years. Many new publishers have materialized, well-established publishers have changed the way they interact with customers, and new events and fairs have sprung up all over the world.

Finding your way around this environment can be difficult, and for this reason many projects never even make it off the ground. On the other hand, to attract the attention of publishers and get published, a game must be engaging, offer something new and obey the rules of good design.

Our studio is looking for new games to publish, developed by talented designers. To help your prototype to get attention within the industry, our studio can offer a prototype evaluation service. This might be with the aim to publish your game under our brand, or simply to receive a quality evaluation of your product, in preparation for its proposal to the main Italian and foreign publishers.

How to submit your prototype

There are two ways to submit a prototype and some requirements to be met.

Digital sending

You can send it to as a Tabletop Simulator save, as a Tabletopia link or as an asset in the form of images.

Physical dispatch

You can send the physical prototype directly to our office:

Lunar Oak Studio
Via Carlo Gazzo 16
27029 Vigevano (PV)

If you like, send us an introductory email first as well.


  • A small introduction by the author is required. You must present what ideas you think your game contains, what type of game it is, and what you believe makes it stand out from other games.
  • There must be some form of rulebook or structure, preferably (but not necessarily) complete.
  • All the components necessary to evaluate the game must be present.

The benefits of submitting your game

Firstly, we will rate your game. This is not just any opinion, but that of industry experts who have seen hundreds of published games and prototypes. If the game is found to be interesting, you will then be made an offer for release under the Lunar Oak Studio brand, and subsequently a distribution agreement with our partners in Europe and the USA.

If however the game is deemed of interest but not in line with our editorial guidelines, we will propose other publishers with whom we are in contact that we believe to be a more suitable fit for you, so that you can propose it to them as well.

Editorial development and publication

Many game designers present a game to publishers considering it complete and finalized. However, this is rarely the case. Most of the time the publisher has changes to propose to the game, improvements, or tricks to be implemented that can make production easier. Working on the prototype with the publisher will result in a game aligned to the tastes of the public, which is more beautiful and with a greater capacity for distribution.

Obviously, these are all great benefits for any creator. Our studio offers an editorial development service for projects it deems suitable, aimed at future publication.

Contact us for a quote, or even just to have a chat and tell us about your project!