Lunar Oak Studio is a brand of Graphic Creations Porro & C. sas , a design studio active for more than 14 years. Lunar Oak was born from the union of a passion for board games and experience in the design field, and is composed of a team of close-knit tabletop gamers and professionals.




We help you to create a Kickstarter campaign to launch your creative project .

Game Design and Development

We create a game based on your ideas and / or help to refine and develop your game.

Graphic and Artistic Design

We design and create the graphics for your game.


We build a physical prototype of your game or set up a digital one.

Evaluation and Publishing

We assist you with attracting a publisher for your game and we deal with the main Italian and foreign distributors on your behalf.

core team

Computer engineer and game designer. His role is to coordinate projects, manage relations with production partners, and manage the online aspects of the company.

Running a company is a bit like a management game, and therefore you need someone to make ends meet. Luisa takes care of the administrative and bureaucratic department.

Piero Porro

3D printing, choice of materials and prototyping are fundamental in a high quality game. His task is to create prototypes that match the standard of the finished product as closely as possible.

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