Solace: from AI to Human Art

A word about the Art in the game

Hello, Gabriele here, the editor of Solace. In this newsletter I decided to speak about the art of Solace as well, because we had some feedback from the community on discord and via email. I explain the situation:

For a small company art is an investiment. When you are preparing a KS, you have to spend your budget in many things like game development, testing, marketing on Facebook, google ads, bgg banners, pay influencers… and art.

For Lumen tarot and Candelabria, we worked with more than 15 artists, and we spent a lot (BTW I don’t regret it, because art was very good!). For Solace, because the theme is also sci-fi, we decide to try to use some AI art for the first time, but we are seeing you don’t like it.

Now, to be transparent as always, I decided to invest part of the campaign budget to redraw all the AI art and make it Human Art.

This will be possible only after the campaign, because we don’t have the budget right now, and we must invest in marketing, otherwise the campaign will not fund.

But right now Dylan (our in house artist) is working on the redraw of one of the characters to show the final result vs AI base. We’ll show it in the campaign page as well.

That is our personal commitment to continue to support human art in games as well, and believe, it’s not simple for a small reality like us, made basically by 3 people.

Please, also try the game on TTS or download the free print and play if you like!

Thank you!