Kickstarter is the world’s first crowdfunding platform. As of 2022, nearly 21 million people have supported any of more than 544,000 projects launched on the platform. Of these people, over 6.9 million of them have supported more than one project on the crowdfunding site, which is constantly growing.
The tabletop games market has seen a particular increase in interest, and there has been a further increase in projects launched since the beginning of the pandemic.
In this increasingly competitive sector it is important to analyze the market well and take all the necessary steps to better promote your project. In fact, there are many projects that do not reach their funding goal, and when examining these campaigns on reflection they are usually found to have been poorly managed and / or to have ineffectively represented the product.
Beginners often forget a series of very important steps to success, having not yet mastered the “language” of Kickstarter. It should not be forgotten that Kickstarter is a great marketing platform before anything else, and therefore an understanding of effective adverting is essential.

Don't play alone

Lunar Oak Studio is your Kickstarter consulting partner for board games or other projects. We assist you from the very first steps of defining your project, through to marketing it in order to raise the necessary funds. This includes taking care of:


  • Defining the strategy and contents of the project with you (e.g. proposed pledges)
  • Support for the evaluation of production estimates and creating a production strategy
  • Support for the choice of couriers and shipping centers


  • Support for the creation of a Kickstarter page
  • Support and management of social networks for gathering an audience before, during and after the campaign
  • Sending newsletters
  • Contacting and suggesting the right influencers

For board games in particular:

  • We help you to playtest the game with our game design professionals to prepare it for the Kickstarter campaign
  • We support you on specific channels like Board Game Geek to direct potential backers to the Kickstarter page
  • We reach out to the audience we have built over the years to advertise your game
Contact us for a quote, or even just to have a chat and tell us about your project!