the unique tarot deck with lost arcana

CARDS: 164 · GUIDE BOOK: 300 pages full color · NUDE VARIANTS: Yes

The cards we present are not a simple standard deck of illustrated tarot cards. Instead, they form a complete divination system that adds to and also extends the use of traditional tarot cards by setting them in a broader context. If, for example, we imagine traditional tarot cards as a group of branches, then the Lumen Tarot system would be the tree to which they belong.

In fact, the Lumen Tarot system comprises 22 Major Arcana cards (the classic ones), 60 lost Arcana cards56 Minor Arcana cards, and 26 nude variant cards, making a total of 164 cards. The cards are interconnected and expand the traditional deck, resulting in a divinatory and symbolic system of great potential that allows both beginners and experts to do in-depth readings.

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Special Features

Both for Beginners and Experts

Lumen Tarot is a system with many easy reading methods for beginners, and advanced methods for experts. The 300 pages full color book covers the meaning of the cards, the symbols and has a step by step guide for over 15 reading methods.

The Energy Tree

The Lumen Tarot scheme has its roots in the Magnum Opus (Great Work) of the medieval alchemical tradition and can be depicted as a tree of energy (or great cycle) divided into tiers to which Major Arcana are assigned.

These tiers, starting from the highest, i.e., from the Philosopher’s Stone, are related to planets. As can be seen from the figure, traditional Major Arcana are present in all tiers, creating a divinatory thread that runs through the entire energy tree. 

The Minor arcana

To give them a full identity and a certain stylistic originality, we decided to design them so that all the numbers from Ace to 10 of each suit, when placed side by side, form a single large illustration.

The Book

The Lumen Tarot book is much more than a companion or guide. In fact, in the book we cover:
  • The scheme of the Magnum Opus.
  • The meanings of the cards.
  • The cross meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana.
  • The meanings of all the symbols present (zodiac signs, animal spirit guides, trees, esoteric symbols) related to the different Arcana.
  • Reading methods, starting from those for beginners, up to methods for the more experienced.
  • The artwork of the cards in a large full-color format.
The book consists of 300 full-color pages, and is printed on high quality coated paper.

The Dice

For Lumen Tarot we have created a unique dice resembling the Philosopher’s Stone. The dice has 12 sides, has a size of 2 cm from side to side, and each side shows a planet and a number.

The die is useful for some readings explained in the book, and as a support for divination.


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