Some prototype photos of The Curse of Candelabria

After the success of Sheol and the appreciation of its unique setting, we have decided to create a new fantasy world with unique characteristics. From a dark sci-fi world in which light was a resource to be preserved, we have moved on to a fantasy world in which light abounds, because every inhabitant of it is a living candle. In The Curse of Candelabria you will play bright houses with burning flames that vie for the kingdom.

The attention to detail and the artistic work on our games are the trademark of Lunar Oak Studio. For The Curse of Candelabria as well we worked on every single component so that it represented the particularities of its setting. Each candle card has a unique illustration, each faction and region of the map has a recognizable design and a color harmonized with the setting.

A game doesn’t just have to be beautiful to look at, it has to be beautiful to play, which is why we have done numerous playtests and invested hundreds of hours of gameplay development. We wanted a game that was accessible, but at the same time deep and fulfilling for the more experienced player.

Producing Sheol we have drawn a lot of miniatures. In The Curse of Candelabria huge wandering castles move in the lands of the kingdom and we couldn’t represent them with simple standees, miniatures were needed! For this we have created large satisfying miniatures to move on the ground and beautiful to see or paint. They are living cities!

We have also done many studies in terms of components and component engineering. We wanted The Curse of Candelabria to develop vertically, not only in the components on the map like temples or candles, but also in the functional elements of the game displays. This is why we have worked to create solid and useful displays to improve the gaming experience.