We are back!

Hello Noble Candles,

We are back!

It’s been a tough two months, filled with tough decisions to make, but The Curse of Candelabria is back in better shape than before. In recent months we have reflected a lot on the Kickstarter and we asked ourselves what we could improve, what we could correct or enhance more. We have thus come to a totally renewed product both from a graphic and gameplay point of view.

What has improved

Here are the main changes:

More space for illustrations. In Candelabria there are a lot of unique illustrations that were not valued enough. We’ve lightened the layout to make the cards simpler and more beautiful.

Language independence. Many of you have told us how texts could be converted into icons, and we did! Now the game is completely language independent.

Smoother gameplay. We have continued playtesting and refined the gameplay which is even more balanced and solid.

Complete rework of the miniatures. A world of living candles couldn’t have abstract miniatures, so we transformed what were previously layers of wax into sculpted characters. See the difference and judge for yourself! Also, the number of miniatures has increased a lot!

A more graphically beautiful and more detailed map. Now you can see the territory details and there is a polished UI.

Do you see the small houses and the Stonehenge-like structures?

What can you do now?

You are the light that supported the first Candelabria campaign, we sincerely hope that you can also support the new one. The thing you can already do is follow the new campaign by clicking on the bookmark here.

We will be launching in late February/early March, so it won’t be long!

Thank you and be bright!