Temple+Course miniature reveal

The layering of the elements is one of the key concepts of Candelabria. The levels of the temples are designed to graft onto each other, as well as the waxes of candles or flames. On the highest level of each temple, a brazier token can be inserted, or the miniature of the curse, which falls […]

Course miniature reveal

The curse of Candelabria is represented by a large miniature, more than 8 cm high, which contains various allegorical elements of the medieval tradition and the game world. The great angel of death holding the game elements (golden lead and scarlet amber) pierces the flameless king seated on the throne. This is surrounded by wax […]

Temple miniature reveal

The curse of Candelabria can only be lifted thanks to the power of the temples of the Architects. On the game map these are distributed among the different regions of the kingdom and are composed of different colored levels. At the end of each year, players vie for them in combat to obtain their levels […]

The Curse emanations

After the death of the flameless king, a terrible curse fell on the kingdom. In each of the 3 years in which the game is divided, players will face a different emanation, represented by a card and a unique artwork. Each emanation has a global effect, which changes some game rules, and a local one, […]

The Curse of Candelabria: Prologue 3

The Curse of Candelabria: Prologue 3 The dark angel comes at night. pierces the King with a deadly kiss, With great black wings he spreads his blight. and his curse on Candelabria hiss. The candles flicker in fear and wane With their master slow adrift The eternal life that was a gift It’s now eternity […]

The wandering castle of the Luminis Knights

The wandering castle of the Luminis Knights The Luminis love the majesty and sharp Gothic shapes of the buildings that follow one another in their wandering castle. In the center stands the sacred Menhir of the Architects, a relic that protects the Luminis from the effects of evil and protects the castle with a barrier […]

The wandering castle of the Nova Vita Coven

The wandering castle of the Nova Vita Coven The Nova Vita are a mysterious people and their wandering castle that vaguely resembles an insect represents them well. The sharp wind turbines that can be seen almost everywhere on the structure, are traps capable of sucking the souls of candle smoke, and storing their life force […]

The wandering castle of the Cinis Clan

The wandering castle of the Cinis Clan The Cinis worship and cultivate an intricate scarlet amber plant on their wandering castle, which they nourish with the wax of their slain enemies. Formidable warriors and lovers of battle, on the side of the castle they hung huge skulls of wax creatures killed in the past. Their […]

Rota Aurea Guild’s wandering castle

The wandering castle of the Rota Aurea is the only castle capable of creating wandering castles in turn. In fact, inside the wheels it houses industrial quarters that extend their construction sites to the outside, ready for use. 🔥🕯️🕯️📀🕯️🕯️🔥 Follow us on Kickstarter to get notified at launch 🚀: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lunaroakstudio/the-curse-of-candelabria