3 Facts About Tarots You May Not Know (and a curiosity)

1 – The Romani Didn’t Invent Tarot The earliest evidence of tarot cards appears in Italy and France during the 15th century. Playing cards had arrived in Italy approximately 100 years earlier. There is speculation that the French/Italian tarot was a development of Mamluk cards from Persia, which were heavily decorated and used the suits […]

Candelabria development update

Hello Noble Candles! Here we are with a new update. Let’s go! Development We are going on with the development of everything. In detail: Art: Finished! Game design and playtest: The playtest are now complete and the game design is finished. Layout and impagination: Punchboards and cards finished. We are currently working on the rulebook. Once the English […]

We are back!

Hello Noble Candles, We are back! It’s been a tough two months, filled with tough decisions to make, but The Curse of Candelabria is back in better shape than before. In recent months we have reflected a lot on the Kickstarter and we asked ourselves what we could improve, what we could correct or enhance […]

24 hours till launch

TOMORROW the armies of Candelabria clash aboard castles that wander and skirmish. For the kingdom’s throne, they fight to the finish, and the curse from the land they banish. The temples of the Architects they seek, ’midst ashes and ruins finding the way to conquer and destroy the black veil that haunts their kingdom to […]

2 days till launch

Only 2 days left until the launch!! We prepared the preview page and you can visit it to give us feedback: Visit it here —-> http://bit.ly/3O6u0bk    

3 days till launch

Only 3 days left until the launch of The Curse of Candelabria on Kickstarter! We prepared the preview page and you can visit it to give us feedback: Visit it here —-> http://bit.ly/3O6u0bk    

Kickstarter launch date

The preview page of The Curse of Candelabria is live! Please check and say what you think of our new project in the comments! We are launching on NOVEMBER 16th! LINK—–> https://www.kickstarter.com/…/the-curse-of-candelabria…    

Temple+Course miniature reveal

The layering of the elements is one of the key concepts of Candelabria. The levels of the temples are designed to graft onto each other, as well as the waxes of candles or flames. On the highest level of each temple, a brazier token can be inserted, or the miniature of the curse, which falls […]